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Regarding the Equifax dilemma which occurred recently, here is a message from Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., our broker/dealer:
As you may be aware, the credit reporting bureau Equifax recently experienced a data breach that exposed sensitive personal information for a large number of people. While this breach does not directly impact your securities investment accounts, you may wish to review information about the breach on the Federal Trade Commission site, here:…/…/equifax-data-breach-what-do. This site describes the incident and your options for further action.

Helping out the community

Kevin, Scott, Tom, Mary and Reese from Whiteford Wealth Management, Inc. had a great time volunteering at the Casco Ultimate Mud Challenge yesterday morning.
We helped sponsor it as well.
Congratulations to all of the athletes who ran this fun 5k race!

Tax Reform

This year’s big news will be what those new rates are going to be. Great news for investors in US Equities.

Voluntary Taxes

Imagine that. Don’t think that you pay enough in taxes? Norway has a solution for you. $1,325 was raised by the voluntary option last year.

Active Management

Another great reason to use actively traded mutual funds.

A Word of Caution

PLEASE do not follow this woman’s advise. This article is for a bit of satire going into a great, long Independence Day weekend. We hope that you all enjoy yourselves with family and friends!
Note: If you pay your bills, we do not think that the universe will send you more because you have proven to it that you honor your bills.

Interesting Article

Interesting article today. The industry is always changing!

A Look at the 60’s

Lots of great facts. We always like to utilize the 6.5% rule (you can withdraw this portion of your retirement funds while not diminishing your principal, on average)

Jobless Claims

Some individuals are concerned about how justified the market rally has been since the election.
In late 2016, we saw jobless claims fall to the lowest records we have seen since 1973 at 253,000.00.
Those claims have fallen even lower to 234,000.00/243,00.00 (consensus) in the first quarter of 2017.
We have seen that from 2015 to 2016 corporate profits rose 22.3%
We also see that these corporations are paying 18% less in taxes in the last 6 months.
We see corporate revenues increasing, and tax liability decreasing.
These are just some of the reasons as to why the market rally shows some justification.

February 2017 Training

February 2017 Kevin Whiteford and Tom Sharwarko Joined the Industry Leaders at Cambridge Signature Club Independent Financial Advisor at San Diego, California.
Signature Club honors a financial advisor’s independent business accomplishments in delivering some of the highest levels of client service while reflecting Cambridge’s core values of integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness. Distinction as a member of Cambridge Signature Club 2017 included a special invitation to San Diego, California.
This is always a great opportunity to network with the industry leaders to gain perspective on where the industry is and where do we see the industry going.