In September 2015, Kevin and Tom alongside with the Holland Young Professionals, assisted in constructing two homes in Holland Michigan.

The homes are constructed through Habitat for Humanity, and their mission is a valued one here at Whiteford Wealth Management, Inc.

An afternoon of sweat laughter and some aches, it always feels good doing something to make a difference in the community.


Habitat for Humanity has locations all over the world, and most likely there is one in your backyard!
Habitat constructs homes for low-income families who have a steady income, but cannot afford safe, decent, and affordable housing on their own yet. However, by lowering the costs of construction through volunteer assistance, this goal is obtainable.

This is a major support system for families that would like to move themselves and their children away from a negative environment, but do not have quite enough funds to do this independently.

Each home has a monthly mortgage, and incentives to move the families towards financial Independence.
Habitat for Humanity has always been a strong proponent of ‘a hand up rather than a hand out.’ Houses are sold to qualified Homeowner Partners without profit, using affordable mortgages.

Homeowners also complete sweat equity hours as part of the partnership. Our homeowner partners are able to re-pay their mortgages over the course of 20-25 years.

These payments, together with donations, grants, and sales from our ReStore create a sustainable revenue model that supports the construction of more homes for future Habitat partners.

When Habitat families move from poverty housing into their own homes, they report better health, increased stability in the family, and children who do better in school.

Thank you for reading our post, and pass the message along; it takes a community to build a community.
-Whiteford Wealth Management, Inc.